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Summary: After the war, reconciliation between enemies is necessary to create a better future, one that is only possible if one embraces the past.

Chapters Posted: 27

Words Posted: 181,444

Disclaimer: Harry Potter, his friends, his enemies, and the lovely world they live in all belong to JK Rowling.

Notes: Look! It's a chapter. I wish I wrote fast and prolific. One thing in this chapter... Draco uses Hell as an exclamation in one of his thoughts. I know he wouldn't use that word, as it does not seem to fit into his experience, but I could not think of another that carried the same feeling. Merlin didn't seem to fit. Good grief was too many words. If anyone has a better suggestion, I am happy to fix it!

Thanks: You have Badgerlady to thank for catching my punctuation and capitalization errors (I spent too long in Germany and have my sense of where commas go is from there (at the end of every clause, thank you very much). Thanks to Crescent for catching a grammatical error that I had heretofore not known was an error. I learned something! THANK YOU to both of you!
Continued from Chapter 26

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Tags: draco malfoy, fanfic, harry, harry potter, minerva mcgonagall, narcissa malfoy, something past survival, sps

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