August 25th, 2018


Something Past Survival - Chapter 28 - Transition Troubles

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Summary: After the war, reconciliation between enemies is necessary to create a better future, one that is only possible if one embraces the past.

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Disclaimer: Harry Potter, his friends, his enemies, and the lovely world they live in all belong to JK Rowling.

Notes: Look! It's a chapter... The Trio did many things in the course of their quest to put down Voldemort... and sometimes, no matter how good the cause, you still have to pay for your choices. Harry knows this far too well.

Thanks: You have Badgerlady to thank for catching my German-influcenced punctuation and capitalization-- my sense of where commas go is from there (at the end of every clause, thank you very much).  THANK YOU for Beta Reading!

Continued from Chapter 27

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